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Aug 6

Aug 4

sparklingnarwhal-deactivated201 said: i pretty much just reblogged every meme of the past week, so i apologize for annoying you because i love these so much(:

it’s totally fine and not the least bit annoying!

Aug 2

Aug 1

Jul 31

childish-sunrise said: Sorry if it's annoying that I'm reblogging nearly everything. This is so great.

it’s not annoying at all, i love it :)

that feeling you get after you go for an epic run and can’t do anything but collapse on your bed (and go on tumblr, obviously) feels sooooo good. 

i felt this was more relevant to put here than on my main blog. so sorry for the totally random update, guys.

Jul 30

Jul 29

rrunin4lifez said: The other day I went out and ran my first half marathon. The next day I ran another one. This sport just gets to me.

That’s so awesome!

shipwr3cked-deactivated20140524 said: best tumblr out there. probably cause each and every one is true. especially about hearing about what the sprinters do and hearing sprinters complain about their workouts. i mean, try mid distance track or xc! haha :)

I’m glad you like it :)

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